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 •  Bach Prelude in C BWV 846
 •  Bach Fugue in C BWV 846
 •  Bach Two-Part Invention No. 1
 •  Bach Two-Part Invention No. 2
 •  Bach Two-Part Invention No. 4
 •  Beethoven Sonatina in G mvt 1
 •  Beethoven Sonatina in G mvt 2
 •  Debussy Clair De Lune
 •  Debussy First Arabesque
 •  Chopin Opus 64 No.1 (Minute Waltz)
 •  Chopin Opus 34 No.2 (A minor Waltz)
 •  Chopin Opus 28 No.6 (B minor prelude)
 •  Chopin Opus 28 No.4 (E minor prelude)
 •  Joplin Magnetic Rag
 •  Joplin Cascades
 •  Joplin Entertainer
 •  Joplin Easy Winners
 •  Joplin Maple Leaf Rag

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